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5 Steps to Successfully Implementing Your 10×10 Marketing Plan


Stephen Covey says: “We must begin with the end in mind.”  Once you’ve invested the time to build your plan (and you should every 90 days), here is how you get the return for your investment:


  1. Detail the steps that are pre-requisite and necessary to achieve your goals.  By breaking the larger tasks down into “bite-sized” chunks, we can keep moving forward and are less likely to be overwhelmed.  Be sure to specify time frames and assign responsibility—by dividing the workload, the burden is shared by the Team and the results are multiplied.  Everyone involved needs to know “who does what by when”.
  2. Consistency is vital.  To avoid getting stuck on the “entrepreneurial see-saw” (chase the work, do the work), the effort must remain constant or you risk emptying your sales pipeline.  One cardinal rule: Never stop your marketing.  In busy times, you can cut back.  Stopping your marketing allows your “voice” to diminish and that of your competitor to be the only one your customers and prospects hear.
  3. Always test and measure your results.  This, too, must be done consistently because “hit and miss” measuring almost assures “hit and miss” results.  The best way to make informed business decisions is to know what is working and what is not.  The time and money you invest in marketing is best spent on income-producing activities.  If you feel you are working too many hours, falling behind in tasks, not enough time to eat right, sleep, exercise, spend with family, etc., it’s safe to say that something(s) you’re doing is a waste of your time.  Keep track of your activities and reflect back on whether some or all were really the best use of your time.
  4. Systematize your plan so that it runs on “auto-pilot” and someone else can mange it.  By providing clear instructions, timelines, and direction, things work smoothly.  Incumbent in this process is the reporting function.  Who will be responsible for tracking and reporting?  How often?  It’s also wise to conduct a “de-brief” with the Team after a campaign has run.  What did we like best?  What do we want to do differently next time?  What feed back did we get?  What was our Acquisition Cost for new business?
  5. Repeat the process and improve for next time.  When you find something that works, stay with it.  Always look for ways to improve.  Based on your results, be prepared to make the decision for what gets repeated, what gets modified, what gets dropped.  Our GrowthCLUB workshop helps you assess where you are, what you have accomplished, and where you want to go next.


One last thing: when you prepare this plan, make several copies and distribute to the Team.  Create a pie chart or graphical representation on the wall for all to see where we want to go and update to show the progress.  This will keep you and your Team fired up!

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