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                       Top 10 Reasons You Need a Business Valuation


Understanding the value of your business is perhaps the most critical knowledge you need. ActionCOACH can value your business TODAY giving you the important answers to help make clear business decisions tomorrow!


1.  When buying a business (Am I paying a fair price?)

2.  When selling your business (Can I get what it’s worth OR how do I increase the value?)

3.  When I want to bring on or exit a partner (What’s their share worth?)

4.  When the Owner gets divorced or passes away (for legal or estate purposes)

4.  To insure proper insurance coverage (for estate or buy/sell agreements)

5.  When establishing a trust (What will my legacy be worth?)

6.  When applying for certain outside funding (loan or equity?)

7.  When setting up a retirement program.

8.  When gifting stock to employees.

9.  When gifting stock to a charitable organization.

10. When you want to know where you stand and how that’s changing moving forward.


Call Coach Mark at 850-597-6627 today!  


In just 19 minutes, he’ll give you a COMPLIMENTARY estimated value.

Then, you DECIDE if you want to know more from the comprehensive report which explains 4 levels of valuation and ranks your business on 10 critical metrics.


OR…do-it-yourself at no charge.  Click HERE to get started.  Get an idea of what your most valuable asset might be worth.

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