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Coach Mark is available to speak to your organization on a variety of business and self-improvement topics.  Check some of the subjects below:



1.  Keys to Time Management Presentation Highlights

  • Are you rushing to meet deadlines?
  • Is your “to-do” list NOT done?
  • Is “urgent” getting in the way of “important”?
  • Are critical tasks getting overlooked?
  • Is the quantity or frequency of “do-overs” increasing?
  • Are you working longer hours than you want?
  • Are customers complaining more (or leaving)?

We’ll answer these questions and more:

  • What is time management?
  • Why is it such a universal challenge?
  • What is the driving force behind it?
  • Can you really do everything you want?
  • What are the top skills needed to manage time effectively?
  • What tools are available?
  • How do leadership skills (or lack of) affect all this?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Harness your sub-conscious mind to improve focus
  • Get more done in less time
  • Set aside time for relaxing/re-charging
  • Have more time for your spouse, family, and hobbies.
  • Increase productivity and profits
  • Decrease frustration and fatigue
  • Get started and change things today

2.  How to Make Systems Work For You

Business runs smoothest when important things are done consistently.  The customers are happier and the Team is more efficient when proper procedures are implemented and maintained.  This also leads to profitability and growth.  All this is possible through the development, documentation, and execution of systems.  80% of work processes in most businesses can be systematized, while the other 20% will require human interaction.  There are nine identifiable steps which every business should address to complete its own unique set of systems.  The presentation will cover each of the steps, focusing on its importance and the “how to”. 


3.  Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

What is Success and how does our attitude affect our outcomes?  What are the 5 main influencers of our attitude?  What can we do (change) right now to get back on-track?  Coach Mark will expore these points and more in this empowering talk that shows you how to take control and get what you want.  


 4.  Marketing 10 x 10

One of the most misunderstood business functions is marketing.  What is it?  How much time to allocate to it?  How to measure results?  What is a good balance of strategies?  How much should I invest?  Coach Mark will answer all these questions and more when he teaches how to develop, execute and measure your own custom marketing program, complete with goals, strategies and timelines.  Learn how to have an unlimited marketing budget!


5.  Overcoming Self-Limiting Fear

The most common contributor to challenges in life and business is self-sabotage.  Fortunately, it IS one of the things we can control.  It starts with understanding ourselves and being willing to take back that control.  It helps to define what most fear really is, where it comes from, and how it holds us back.  Then we can take steps to come out on top.


6.  Effective Goal-Setting

Let’s face it – we all “know” that we should set goals, yet so few of us do.  What is most confounding is the most effective way to do it.  Coach Mark will help you understand WHY it’s so important, WHAT gets in your way (and how to get past it), and most importantly, how to get started.  Like anything, it takes practice and discipline (and sometimes a little coaching) but the benefits pay dividends for a long time to come.  


7.  The Secrets of Customer Retention

It’s a whole lot easier to keep an exisitng cusomter than it is to go get a new one.  Yet, so many businesses neglect their current customers while they “mine” for new ones.  Learn WHY we lose customers and, most importantly, WHAT we can do about it.  Coach Mark will share valuable tips for customizing your own customer retention program.


8.  5 Questions to Ask (and Answer) Before You Market Your Business

Most business owners understand they need to promote their business.  Since they’ve never been taught to do so, their best intentions often fall short, costing them valuable time and money.  Coach Mark will explain the proper sequence of events that should take place and the proper strategies to improve the chances of a favorable outcome.  

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