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"The amount of knowledge and encouragement that you have given me…has put the dream back into the dreamer and pointed me in the right direction for the future."  Kitty L., Speed-D-Print

"ActionCOACH has been very beneficial in guiding us in the right direction from all aspects of business.  Planning, goal setting & personal development just to name a few.  The systematic approach to every function has helped the most so your business in the future will be less dependent on you if you hold accountability. Work smarter."    

Nate Prosser, Tallahassee Nurseries

"Just a quick thank you for a great job yesterday.  I pulled out my red binder and began filling out my weekly diary.  Just doing that gave me a feeling that I am going to take control and manage this monkey."  Greg Verhagen, E-vantage Internet Marketing

"I just wanted you and Action Coach International to know that the recent Business Excellence Forum in New Orleans knocked it out of the park.  Getting away and working ON my business instead of IN it with other like minded business owners was a great experience.  My team and I are installing new ways to serve our clients and grow our business exponentially.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our mission."  Scott Fjelstad, RBG North Florida

"I wanted to thank you for inviting me to attend the business excellence seminar in New Orleans.  I found the conference most educational and enjoyable.  The speakers, especially Brad Sugars, spoke on timely topics focused on improving my business.  The lectures on the Dashboard and the DISC profile I found most helpful and I will be able to apply this new information to my business shortly.  I also spoke with other attendees from across the country and got valuable tips supplementing the lecture topics.   Thanks again!."  Tom Thompson, Thompson, Crawford & Smiley, PA

"I was an artist and entrepreneur with focus and determination, but I was missing direction and Mark helped me find my North.  If you want to realize and then actualize your big goals–the goals that get you up in the morning–then hire ActionCOACH Mark Raciappa.  It will be the best decision you make for yourself and your continued business success."  Sarah H., That Creative Chick and Company

It has been a wonderful journey! Thank you for everything you have taught me about myself and about being a more productive person. I have learned so much and have reaped so many benefits, tangible and intangible, from your instruction.  I will continue to implement what you have tauht me, and to encourage others to do the same.

Melanie Hines, Lawyer


"I was particularly impressed with the manner in which you deliver your learning material.  It was very easy and comfortable to talk with you.  I feel I gained some valuable knowledge during our conversation.  I cannot thank you again for sharing your time, talent, and knowledge with me."Christopher Goodman, Goodman Consulting Services


"Working with ActionCOACH Mark Raciappa over the past year has been one of the highlights of my tenure in the insurance business.  After 10 years as an agency owner I had become a little complacent and needed a fresh prospective.  I hired Mark and after four months I almost fired him.  I was impatient and overwhelmed.  Firing him however, would have been a very costly mistake."   Gross income including bonuses for my agency are up 140% over prior year. Performance bonuses alone are up 322%. Mark’s encouragement, motivational push and business knowledge were instrumental in helping me have my best year yet. I am using what Mark has taught me about myself and my business to continually improve business outcomes. I would encourage any business owner to enlist the help of Mark Raciappa.  Not doing so could be very expensive.  John Cheney, J. Cheney Insurance

“Armed with a college degree in Business and 7 years of operating my own business, I entered the ActionCOACH program with Mark Raciappa.  The knowledge I gained in one year has out performed all my previous experience combined.  Within 12 months I doubled the sales of my construction company during the biggest economic downturn in years.  The tools Mark taught me laid a foundation for success that I can use for a lifetime.  He opened my eyes to working ON my business and not IN it.  Next time I will skip college and start success earlier.  Thanks Mark!”  Doug Barton, Barton Construction
 "Mark has a great understanding of what new business owners need; He a great motivator, well organized and and keeps you on task. He is a good communicator with great sense of humor a talent for keeping you honest. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs help building and improving their business." Leah Gilbert-Henderson, Take Care Nutrition Consulting
"Action Coach offered me something that the Optometry practice management companies did not.
When I started my business I had looked into practice management companies and resources geared mainly for Optometry. I wanted something with more of a retail perspective and strong customer service approach. Action Coach has allowed me to take the perspective of a retailer and businessman then apply it to my profession and come up with an approach that has been very positive to my practice. In addition, my coach is easily accessible and flexible with times for my sessions, and offers a great program to enrich me personally in addition to growing my practice. He was not only a teacher, but feels like a partner in the practice, someone who offers suggestions as well as developing my ideas. Since working with my Action Coach my business has grown each year and I am looking forward to next year with continued growth and success. Action Coach has exceeded my expectations."
Robert A. Orsillo, OD, FAAO

"We wanted to thank you for the help you have provided us in the past year.  Out company has matured much more rapidly thanks to your procedures and expertise.  Though we still have much more growing and learning (which will never stop), you have given us the resources to help us carry on and grow.  I wanted to Mark personally for being there not only as a coach but also as a friend.  The past year has been tough, but I cherished all of the challenges you gave me.  I feel I have grown as a business person but more importantly as a person.

Sam Littlefield, Gutter Solutions

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